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Welcome to Bilgipedi !

About Bilgipedi

Bilgipedi is an independent, neutral and non-profit organization aiming to collect all kinds of encyclopedical information in Turkish language with edits by its users. Bilgipedi uses the programme Mediawiki; that means you are the editor. In case of need there will be admins around to solve problems and patrol the pages.

Mission of Bilgipedi

Even though there are sorts of information on the internet in the Turkish language there is still much more space to be fullfilled. And also these information may sometimes be in an unfair point of view. On this point; Bilgipedi's only aim is to be the biggest source of neutral, reliable, satisfactory and actual information on the Web in the Turkish language.

Questions and communication

If you would like to get more information you can ask here on Avlu or send a message to Muzaffer1453 here who is one of the admins who would be glad to help you in every case. When writing on Avlu or sending message to Muzaffer1453 pls click the sign + on the top of the page and write a headline and then write your message on the page that will be opened for you.


  • May I donate to Bilgipedi?
No. Donating is not possible for Bilgipedi
  • Will Bilgipedi be also in different languages soon?
It does not seem to be possible in the near future.
  • Does Bilgipedi pay to the editors or the admins?
No. Bilgipedi is an all voluntary project.
  • May the text in Bilgipedi be copied?
Bilgipedi text is available under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2. The info about the licence is here on .

Thank you for visiting Bilgipedi .